High Performance

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Technical innovation

Cutting-edge technology

ABKSTONE ceramic slabs are the end-result of a considerable investment program carried out over the years by ABK GROUP in the sector of large slabs. The material obtained constitute a technologically advanced product because it’s made with selected high quality raw materials in one of the most advanced factories in the Italian ceramic area.

Production plant

Continuous technological innovation

For several years ABK GROUP has invested in the sector of large porcelain stoneware ceramic slabs and the result of this research has led the company to develop, for the brand ABKSTONE, a high performance material, which is easily worked in different contexts. The technology developed in ABK GROUP makes it possible to produce large slabs today, even thick, with controlled internal tensions, characterized by an unparalleled ease of processing.

A new technology

Better aesthetics

The production plant based in Solignano Nuovo, in the heart of the Modena ceramic district, utilizes more than 100 silos for mixing wet and dry materials, for this reason it is able to manage an infinite series of colored mixtures. The aesthetics of the slabs is also improved thanks to the perfect correspondence between the body and the surface. Regarding the textures, the plant utilizes the latest generation 8-head digital machine, which is able to bring the graphic resolution of the product to the highest levels.