The brand


ABKSTONE is a brand of ABKGROUP, a leading company in the ceramic sector for over 25 years, with a turnover that today places it rightfully among the top players in the Emilia ceramic district.

For several years ABKGROUP, with an investment program on the plant based in Solignano Nuovo, in the province of Modena, has been active in the production of large slabs. Thanks to this process of technological evolution, ABKSTONE is now able to maximize the performance of porcelain stoneware.

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Product research and material selection

Being part of ABKGROUP means sharing its know-how, the contents of technical innovation, the pursuit of the highest quality and attention to every detail, combining them with the proverbial aesthetic and decorative experience that distinguishes the brand ABK-Emozioni in Superficie. The ABKSTONE catalogue, with its large slabs at the service of architecture and furnishings, is an ideal extension of the porcelain stoneware floors and coverings signed by ABK, giving life to a wider concept of lifestyle, to design easily any type of environment.

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